Techwear Pants


A techwear pant to complete your style

What would techwear be without techwear pants? Nowadays, techwear pants are essential in the elaboration of a techwear outfit. They allow you to dress in this style whatever the season.

Whether it's techwear cargo pants for streetwear style and going out on the town with your friends, or techwear pants with straps for futuristic style and looking like a ninja, you'll always find a techwear bottom to suit your taste.

Techwear Jacket


A techwear jacket to protect you from the wind

In order to look like a ninja and keep warm in any season, you need a techwear jacket for men or women.

Whether it's a techwear bomber jacket to wear in summer or spring for a nice light techwear jacket, or a techwear winter jacket to face the cold, you'll always find a techwear jacket to suit you.

In short...

Techwear fashion

Techwear - or tech wear, is a special style of clothing. Very aesthetic and refined, it prioritizes functionality and quality. Some say that this style is a perfect mix between streetwear and military clothing. We think that it is a unique and special style.

Techwear is unlike any other for several reasons. First, there is no one piece of techwear. We wear a techwear ensemble. This includes at least a jacket, pants and a pair of shoes.

Secondly, the high quality of techwear products is incomparable with other clothing. The combination of high quality fabric with urban style is what makes techwear a high-end style.

Finally, techwear doesn't offer many colors. Indeed, black dominates in the techwear fashion. For this reason, it is unique and only addresses a small part of the population that appreciates dark colors.

[stylish and futuristic]

Techwear Outfits

Techwear stands out from the crowd with its unique style. When you see it, you know it's techwear and no other style of clothing. And when it comes to techwear, we know what we're talking about: our store has the widest selection of techwear outfits on the market.


Beyond their comfort and utility, the aesthetics of techwear are truly paramount in 2021. Multiple pockets, straps and unique cuts that can't be found anywhere else are what make techwear outfits so unique. One of the goals of the wearers of this style is to look like a ninja. This can be seen when you take a look at the various most popular techwear outfits.

Techwear aesthetic

If we can attribute an adjective to the techwear style, it is that it is aesthetic. It is one of the most stylish and beautiful clothing styles on the market. The reason is simple: techwear style brings together millions of enthusiasts with a keen sense of aesthetics.

When you decide to enter the amazing world of techwear, you can quickly get lost. However, since this style is very minimalist and versatile, it is quite possible to wear a pair of pants or a jacket to complete your existing wardrobe. But to fully grasp the techwear aesthetic, it's essential to wear a techwear ensemble, not a few separate garments.

The techwear aesthetic relies mainly on dark colors. An all-black outfit instinctively inspires class and charisma. That's why suits are mostly in dark colors. Techwear is also recognizable by its clean designs, with little branding, leaving room for a stylish and functional style.

Techwear outfits

How to techwear

Techno-orientalism, utilitarianism, gore-tex. Techwear is marriage of three seemingly unrelated things that blend together into a mix of a monochromatic cyberpunk ninja. With roots deep in popular culture, yet popularized by the internet, techwear is a perfect fit for those looking to brave the outdoors in any circumstance. Let's take a look at how to techwear, and which pieces of clothing are required to get a perfect techwear style.


The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about techwear is pants. True core item of the techwear style, the pants allow a real freedom of movement thanks to their fitted cut and their comfortable materials. Techwear pants are a perfect combination of breathability, functionality (thanks to straps and multiple pockets), and comfort. With them, the city is yours.


What would this style be without techwear jackets? However, they should be differentiated into two categories: softshell and hardshell.

Softshells are durable waterproof jackets that provide protection from snow and light rain. This type of jacket is usually used for winter sports, because they allow the body to breathe, move freely and be very comfortable. They offer fairly limited protection compared to hardshells, which we will see right away.

Hardshells are jackets that offer much better protection than the jackets seen above. They offer excellent protection against wind and rain, they are waterproof and completely breathable. They are particularly useful in heavy rain or snow. Thicker and heavier than softshells, these techwear jackets will protect you from almost anything.


Midlayers often serve the purpose of keeping warm with clothing such as hoodies, techwear vests or t-shirts. Like pants or jackets, they are often black in color, but have more branding, as their primary purpose is not to provide functionality or protection from bad weather.

Shoes and accessories

Techwear sneakers often offer forward thinking designs, original materials and maximum comfort so you can walk long distances without ever having your feet hurt.

The techwear boots also offer elaborate designs, but closer to the gothic style. They have the advantage of being perfectly matched with the tight fit of techwear pants. Of good quality and dark color, these boots have the advantage of resisting well to water and to soils less flat than asphalt.

Women techwear

Techwear Women

Techwear is a unisex clothing style. However, there are some products that are seen much more in men than in women, and vice versa: women's techwear has some differences with men's techwear.

In terms of pants, there is no major change, except for the cut which can sometimes be more suitable for a female figure, with a wider pelvis and thinner ankles. The shoes, whether sneakers or boots, are different. That said, we can find on two models male and female the same shoes.

The techwear midlayers are in most cases unisex, except for the crop tops that are mainly found in women. As for the techwear jackets, they have a more feminine cut, except for being very distinguishable from men's jackets.

Mens techwear

Men's Techwear

The perfect techwear outfit for a man consists of a pair of futuristic black sneakers, techwear cargo pants with lots of pockets for ultimate functionality, and a basic black t-shirt under a unisex techwear hoodie.

For outerwear and accessories, a lightweight techwear jacket with a matching black bag and gloves is very common in men's techwear outfits.

Don't forget the techwear hats if the weather cooperates, and you have a perfect men's techwear outfit.


We're going to look at the different styles of techwear, but before we do, we want to make an aside about the term "techwear". We see a lot of people writing techware, so to clarify, here is the meaning of techwear:

Techwear is a shortened use of "technical wear". This clothing fashion is defined as an urban fashion, close to streetwear and military style, which uses high quality materials to ensure durable clothing. The techwear style also uses highly technical detailing, which is not found anywhere else.

Techwear style

The techwear style has become fashionable recently and has given birth to many sub-genres that we will see, but before that, let's go back on the history of techwear style.

Modern techwear began its journey in 1969 when William L. Gore and his son Robert W. Gore invented gore-tex, a waterproof breathable membrane that can repel liquid water while allowing water vapor to escape. It is extremely lightweight and suitable for all weathers. Gore-tex has had a great impact on the fashion industry. This allowed for the consumer to have access to space-grade materials.

In 1994, Errolson Hugh, a designer living in Germany, co-funded Acronym, the most iconic techwear brand, which gave birth and popularity to ninja techwear.

But it was not until 2010 that Acronym experienced a real rise in popularity. Acronym is really expensive, dark, edgy, and reliable. This brand is aimed at a very rich clientele who can afford to buy such clothes. Initially inaccessible to most people, techwear has become more popular over time and many brands such as Techwear Faction have emerged, offering more affordable clothing.

The techwear style has a wide variety of sub-genres. Thanks to its wide range of possible combinations, very different techwear outfits have emerged and given birth to new styles. We will review them.

Mens techwear

Cyberpunk Techwear

The cyberpunk techwear style is characterized by its futuristic design straight out of a science fiction movie. Masks worthy of an apocalyptic movie, cyborg or transhuman outfits, if the cyberpunk techwear does not lack originality, it does not lack class either!

Accessories are an essential part of cyberpunk techwear. So, if you enjoy futuristic fashion, you should love cyberpunk techwear.

Japanese Techwear

Japanese Techwear is close to Japanese Streetwear. The difference is in the choice of colors and materials: where Japanese streetwear gives fantasy and is very close to streetwear, Japanese Techwear gives a perfect marriage between the very dark and austere techwear, and the very diverse Japanese style.

Techwear hoodie with Japanese inscriptions, techwear shoes straight out of the Harajuku district, Japanese dresses close to long kimonos, there is something for everyone, as long as you like Japan.

Mens techwear

Techwear Anime

The techwear anime style is close to the style we just saw. The only difference is that anime techwear is more difficult to wear in everyday life! Indeed, wearing a sword is not allowed everywhere...

Beyond this very cosplay oriented aspect of the anime techwear, this style proposes clothes similar to some anime characters, making this sub-genre of techwear a real condensed of originality and creativity.

Streetwear Techwear

If we were to define techwear streetwear, we would say that it is an urban style from which all the bright colors have been removed. The techwear streetwear takes the codes of streetwear, while adding a significant part of functionality and comfort.

The techwear cargo pants are the perfect illustration. Halfway between a functional and a design oriented garment, a pant like this one is a perfect mix for the beginners in techwear.

Techwear Brands

Techwear Faction is a brand that does everything possible to satisfy techwear fans. As enthusiasts, we find it important to provide stylish and aesthetic techwear without compromising quality. Away from the thousands of dollars of clothing, we position ourselves as an affordable techwear brand.

We scour the different styles and sub-genres to provide an unparalleled experience for our customers. From cyberpunk techwear to japanese techwear, we are always striving to satisfy our customers and to be on the cutting edge of technology, like that special fashion clothing that brings together enthusiasts from around the world.

So if you are looking for affordable and original techwear, you are at the right place. Enjoy your visit on Techwear Faction.