Japanese Techwear Shoes


Japanese Techwear Shoes

Ready to conquer the world with your Japanese Techwear Shoes? Beware, they are not for everyone. You have to be a true techwear lover to wear them. Are you one of them?

An aggressive, sharp, and original design. This is how we could characterize these techwear sneakers. Available in black and white, to satisfy everyone's taste, these techwear sneakers are as comfortable as they are aesthetically pleasing and will suit all morphologies and all uses. So what are you waiting for?

  • High-quality EVA & knitting
  • Designed to provide maximum comfort
  • Can be worn in any season
  • Techwear Shoes
  • Flawless techwear style
  • Conceived to adapt perfectly to your feet
  • Deep, strong, and intense colors
  • Reinforced seams for strong and durable shoes

USA & Canada
$5 (free on $90+ orders)
1-3 weeks

$5 (free on $90+ orders)
1-2 weeks

Rest of the world
$5 (free on $90+ orders)
1-4 weeks

Please note that delays due to the current health situation must be taken into account.

Do not hesitate to double check your delivery address. Once the order has been shipped, it will no longer be possible to change it.

If there are multiple products in your order, please note that you may receive them separately in multiple packages. We have several warehouses around the world to keep our inventory of products affordable, fresh and up to date.

The sizes of our garments are adapted to American and European sizes. You can choose your usual size. For an oversize effect, please order one size larger.

Japanese Techwear Shoes
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